21 April 2010

Laundry Tales

Recently I was able to join two of my favorite products together with the purpose of making my life easier. What are the products? Tupperware and Shaklee.

Laundry is something that seems to be part of every day of my life - like it or not.

Two years ago, we made an investment with the purchase of new, energy efficient washer and dryer. I was thrilled with the result - I could get more laundry done in the same amount of time. I think that alone would put a smile on any mom's face.

A benefit that I was unaware of at the time of the purchase is that I can pre-program my washer. This alone is a bonus - what a time saver to throw a load in the night before and have it ready for me to throw in the drying the next morning. What I learned is that this works best with a powder detergent.

Prior to this, I always used a liquid detergent - it was easy to use and there wasn't any danger of the liquid "clumping". I decided to make the switch. I purchased the 5.5 lb of Shaklee's Fresh Laundry Concentrate and loved it. I made sure to close the bag after every use and although I didn't experience any major clumping, it did appear that a little moisture had gotten to the powder when I got toward the bottom of the box. The next time around, I decided to buy the 14 lb box - a greater money saver. I just had one problem to solve - how to make ensure the lack of moisture. My solution included a Tupperware container that was sitting in storage. It's worked perfectly. Not only has Tupperware organized my kitchen pantry - it's now helping me out in my laundry area as well.

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